Agile Software Qualities

The Logo

The logo represents a melding of the Agile approach to product development (the iteration cycles) and traditional quality concepts (the Kano model lines).

Recent Training Feedback

I have 46 years in the software industry, including publishing, state government, agricultural R&D, COTS, telecom, banking, credit card processing, and CAD software.

I have 24 years of quality and process improvement background, including traditional approaches such as ISO 9001, CMM®/CMMI® and both ISO and IEEE systems and software standards.

Since 2002, I have had experience in Agile methods as team lead, Scrum Master, coach & trainer for organizations of <100 and up to 1000 both collocated and distributed around the world (e.g., India, Israel, Germany, France, England, Canada, and the US).

And the free-form comments [NOTE: Comments unrelated to attendee assessment of my performance (e.g., environment, technology) have not been listed.]:

  • Thank you, your experience and knowledge was invaluable.
  • Lots of experience and ability to relate this to training
  • ​​A1
  • Great Instructor. Answered all questions.
  • Scott conducted an excellent class. He is extremely knowledgeable about the topic and is an expert in the field. The ICP course was an entry level course which I took out of sequence, so most all of the content was a repeat for me, even though the class was very good.
  • Scott did a fantastic job keeping me engaged. His delivery of the course contact was if I was in a live classroom setting. He shared great work experience which helped link the course content with real examples.
  • Scott Duncan did a great job with training. He is very knowledgeable and was able to keep me engaged thru the entire course.
  • Scott Duncan is an excellent instructor with tremendous depth of knowledge and experience. I really like that he was happy to allow the students to share stories and ask questions throughout the course. I would take another class with him again.
  • Scott is probably the best instructor I have had so far in the agile space.
  • Scott was a wonderful instructor as he brings much experience to make the course more relevant. The class attendee mix further enhanced the class.
  • Scott was fantastic. I look forward to meeting him in the Agile community in the future.
  • This was an excellent course that I enjoyed even more because of the diversity of students attending. I learned a lot from this course and feel more confident with my ability to coach now. Thank you.
  • Very well presented with a lot of useful real world examples to clarify the points being taught.
  • The instructor was great.
  • Instructor is very knowledgeable and has an extensive knowledge on the subject.
  • Great instructor. Very upbeat and knowledgeable.
  • I enjoyed this course very much. It solidified that I am doing the right things but also gave me some great insight on what more I can be doing.
  • I really like the instructor, kept things interesting online.
  • Great teacher, Great course!​
  • Scott is obviously an expert in the field and had a lot of real-world experience to share. He is a great trainer!
  • Scott Duncan was an exceptional instructor! He presented all information in a very clear manner and answered any questions each student had with understandable examples. I hope I am lucky enough to get Scott as my instructor again when I take another class.
  • I am not in software development - if I was I think it all would have been excellent. Scott is a great trainer! I appreciate that he helped me to identify what agile techniques could be applied in my work.
  • The instructor was great. It was easy to listen to and understand the information that he dispensed.
  • Scott and great, applicable experience to help mentor around specific questions and content.
  • Scott Duncan was a great instructor, knowledgeable and enthusiastic throughout.
  • Scott did a great job, even recovering from a system failure without skipping a beat.
  • Even though the course content was not new to me, the expertise of the instructor made the difference or was key element for me. Many real life examples were shared which were extremely useful for me.
  • This course was very informative
  • Instructor was very knowledgeable and presented information that could be easily understood. Excellent presentation!
  • The instructor was great. Very knowledgeable.
  • Scott did a great job explaining everything. Great teacher!!!
  • I really enjoyed Scott's presentation style. I am a trainer, and play the role of product owner at times - I will incorporate some of Scott's techniques into my own training.
  • I think the instructor was too neutral on the discussions and feedback. I never knew if a comment that he got from someone was on track with the material or not. He would just always say, "Good comment," not if it was right or wrong.
  • Valued his extensive knowledge and experience. Would take from him again!
  • Scott has a lot of good background in agile.
  • Instructor was a wealth of knowledge and his desire to help was amazing. He knew a lot about Lean and traditional PM waterfall approaches as well, which helped him provide comparisons more easily. Instructor had lots of great stories and kept everyone engaged.
  • Scott is clearly very knowledgeable and experienced in this area but is also able to clearly and concisely explain at the level of this class.
  • Great job!

My approach

I believe in an Agile approach which takes advantage of traditional quality & process knowledge to support the goals of such an approach where that knowledge enhances effective results and offers teams options for implementing Agile practices.

I promote a

  • firm grounding in Agile Values & Principles;
  • clear assessment of a client’s capability to implement agile practices and techniques;
  • sustainable training & coaching.

My training and coaching, encourages a deliberate, sustainable pace for agile adoption which can lead to certification of individual and organizational Agile effectiveness.

I believe that an Agile approach can enhance and contribute to:

  1. An improved business and IT relationship
  2. Greater visibility into the development effort
  3. Earlier realization of business value
  4. Elimination of process/product waste
  5. Greater flexibility in and tolerance for change
  6. Commitment to organizational and individual improvement

If you are not familiar with me and your first contact with me is online, I would be pleased to hear what your needs or questions are and be more than happy to help.

professional Experience

Below are recent (i.e., the past 10 months) statistics and comments from people I have trained based on anonymous survey results for both in-person and online classes. (People were not required to submit a survey, but the results you see are unedited and direct from the survey data based on ICAgile certified training in the fundamental, coaching and testing areas as well as non-certified basic Agile and Product Owner training.)

First, the statistics:

                                                      Excellent  Good  Neutral

          Presentation Skill                       75         35        3

          Knowledge of Subject                 94         17        1

          Response to Questions                82         26        4

          Providing Real World Examples    85         41        7