This is a sample of recommendations and statements which can also be found on my personal LinkedIn page.

“Scott Duncan has been a strong contributor to cutting edge professional organizations such as ASQ and IEEE. His understanding of the software industry, its standards, and its contemporary issues are at once deep and broad. I would eagerly consult with Scott with respect to almost any issue that falls within software quality and I look forward to watching Scott continue to lead us in this field.”  --  Alex Hilgendorf , Information Technology Business Analyst / Project Manager , Unity Health Insurance

“Scott, serving in an officer capacity for a techncial advisory group, provided excellent support for the group. His grasp of the subject matter was excellent and was able to explain in different ways, when required, inquiries from the group. His ability to get results and commitments from others matched his commmitment to excellence in his assigned tasks. It was a pleasure to work with Scott in a business and technical capacity.”  --  Thomas (Tom) Kurihara, Independent Consultant, TKstds Management

“Scott served as the Agile coach for the Symphony Project at Citi. He was extremely knowledgeable about Agile and how we could implement it at Citi. His creativity became evident as he continued to find ways to stay true to the Agile Principles while working with our BAU partners. We are looking forward to taking the concepts that Scott shared with our project into our BAU framework.” (hired Scott as a Business Consultant in 2007)  Top qualities: Personable , Expert , Creative  --  Carlton Matthews

“Scott and I worked together for several months on an Accenture Diamond-client project, and during that time Scott was responsible for training and providing guidance to over 30 resources on the Agile Scrum methodology. Scott proved to be a true subject matter expert in this form of solution delivery, as well as a genuinely friendly and approachable manager. If given the chance, I would work with Scott again on an Agile implementation.”  --  Audra Bowcutt , Consultant , Accenture

“Scott and I served together on ASQ’s Software Division Board. During my time on the Board it was immediately apparent that Scott’s development knowledge was vast; he is much more than a ‘Process guy’. His involvement with numerous Standard organizations/committees brought much needed insight into the “state of the Software Industry” and where the Board needed to move strategically. It was great working with Scott.”  --  Valis Houston, PMP , Project Manager (Independent Contractor) , USAA

“I have known Scott for years through ASQ and IEEE CS Software and Systems Engineering Standards Committee. As an Agile coach/trainer at he has led industry efforts to leverage practices for more practical application in various environments, and he has helped people better understand the linkage between Agile methods and standards-based practices.”  --  Joe Jarzombek, PMP, CSSLP , Director for Software Assurance , Dept of Homeland Security

“Scott led our IEEE standards effort to bring the Agile leadership community together enough to discuss what aspects of Agile might be amenable to standardization (no mean feat!!). Due to his efforts, we were able to define an initial standard that ISO is now considering for fast-tracking. Kudos to an extremely knowledgeable and persistent consultant!”  -- 
"Chuck" (Charlene) Walrad, PMO/Agile Consultant, BMC Software

“I have known Scott for several years now as we've attempted together to standardize parts of agile development. Scott is a hard-working expert who keeps his promises and delivers early rather than late. He is an open & internationally minded, trustworthy person to collaborate with. His agile expertise is highly appreciated. I have learned a lot from him as an expert on his field and as a friend.”  --  Pekka Abrahamsson , professor , University of Helsinki

“I first met Scott a few years ago at an agile conference. Since then we've worked together on an effort that he was heading up to define an industry standard description of agile software development. I was very impressed with Scott's knowledge of agile, focus, and ability to "herd the cats" involved with the effort. I would definitely welcome the opportunity to work with Scott again.”  --  Scott Ambler , Practice Leader Agile Development , IBM Rational

“We have worked together with agile standard and Scott has participated to my research of agile skills based on his large experience as a agile coach”  --  Pikkarainen Minna , Senior Researcher , VTT, Technical Research Centre of Finland

“Scott was extremely proficient in Agile Development Methodologies and helped to build a capability at our client from the ground up.”  --  Matthew McLaurine , Senior Manager , Accenture

“Scott Duncan was a strong supporter of standards development for quality management. His work laid the foundation for forthcoming standards on management of agile development projects.”  --  Annette Reilly , Standards Council , Society for Technical Communication

“Scott sticks to his values and principles no matter what. He ensured that Agile knowledge gets propagated and coached teams in doing Agile the right way.”  --  Venkatesh Krishnamurthy , Enterprise Architect , Privately held

“I have worked with Scott through the ASQ Software Division for many years. He has provided detailed coverage on standards issues. He is also a member of the Editorial Review Board for Software Quality Professional journal. In his journal work he has provided detailed reviews of articles and books. He has great attention to detail and great technical knowledge.”  --  Sue Carroll , Principal Software Quality Analyst , SAS

“In the development of international software and system engineering standards, Scott contributed both best practices and practical examples to the team. His emphasis and focus was on value added and to minimize organizational bureaucracy.”  --  John Walz , Vice President for Standards , IEEE Computer Society

“Scott is very detail oriented and stays on task for any activity he takes on. He is very good at handling multiple tasks at the same time. Highly recommended.”  --  Theresa Hunt , Lead Instructor/Consultant, ASQ Instructor , The Westfall Team

“Scott has been an active force in the drive for software quality and productivity since we first met in the 1980s. Scott is always upbeat and looking for solutions, not just problems. He's always a breath of fresh air.”  --  Jay Arthur , Software Analyst , US West

“I know Scott as a professional colleague, who pays attention to detail, sees to a team/group that the focus on the goal is not lost and ensures this way that the important things are get done.”  --  Jutta Eckstein , Owner , IT communication, former Objects in Action

“Scott has a great understanding of the software development process and has shared many great insights with me. We have had many detailed discussions about agile software development and I have the highest respect for him and his opinions.”  --  Mike Cohn , Owner , Mountain Goat Software

“I used Scott to evaluate professional materials for several years, until I retired; his reviews were published in a professional journal. Scott used his detailed technical knowledge, and drew upon his personal work experience, to provide perceptive insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the source material. He was a steady productive reliable contributor, meeting his commitments and constraints, and willing to take on additional assignments. It was a pleasure to work with Scott. He combined talent and personality. I recommend Scott for any work that he is willing to take on.”  Top qualities: Expert, On Time , High Integrity  --  Milt Boyd

“Scott arrived on our project several months following the launch. We were very new to the Agile methodology and needed someone that could help guide us while we were scrambling to produce results quickly. He gave sound counsel and advice that was based in actual experiences. He worked well with our leadership team as well as our scrum teams and gained everyone's respect. He was very professional, flexible and understood the end goal was to produce those results. I'd recommend him to anyone that needs Agile coaching.”  Top qualities: Great Results, Personable , Expert  --  Denise Carlino

“Scott is clear-headed and industrious. He can lead a group of professionals effectively, create consensus, and produce results.”  --  Rob Schaaf , Owner , AgilityXL Software Management Group

“Scott has served on the International System and Sofware Engineering Standards Committee and has made outstanding contribution to Software Quality and Process Assessment on behalf of the US in that volunteer capacity. His work has been diligent, he has a great eye for detail, and is extremely good at explaining the positions he takes in respect of these matters. I believe he would make an excellent trainer based on my observations over more than ten years. Furthermore, Scott has shown a great capacity to take on and improve emerging trends in the software development world. He also has a good approach to being organized and to assist others to plan and organize. I have no hesitation in recommending him. '  --  John Phippen , Principal Consultant , Keane Federal Systems

“Scott has been a leader in development of the IEEE 1648 Draft Recommended Practice for the Introduction and Use of Agile Software Development Methods. The draft is an excellent document that addresses the need for more preciseness in what constitutes an "Agile Software Development Method". In addition, Scott organized and was the lead for a panel on the topic: “Introducing Agile Methods Into Traditional Environments” as part of the ASQ ICSQ 2007 Conference in Denver, CO. I participated on that panel with Scott. The panel was well-received and provided some diverse views of the application of Agile Methods.”  --  David Peercy , DMTS , Sandia National Laboratories

“I have known Scott for many years as a volunteer supporting the IEEE Computer Society. His work in the area of CS Standards has been exemplary.”  --  Kathy Land , Volunteer , IEEE

“Scott was a great contributor during his tenure on the IEEE-CS S2ESC Management Board. He was diligent about keeping in touch with the standards projects that he oversaw. He provided excellent guidance to those projects, and kept me informed of their successes and challenges. At the same time, Scott was also participating in the activities of the ISO/IEC standards committees, and was able to serve as a helpful conduit for advising me of significant projects that were being developed in that community. Scott was a strong producer, and carried out all his assignments quickly and expertly. I wouldn't hesitate to work with, or for, Scott again.”  --  David Schultz , Chair of IEEE S2ESC Management Board , IEEE Computer Society

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